We Can

Given our talent, experience, efficiency and base of production infrastructure, we are fully equipped for & capable of producing or executing a wide range of entertainment-media related projects of any number and sizes simultaneously.

Thus, besides production, the company can take up to executing assignments for others also on contract basis in the diverse categories of media-related programs, such as:

All categories of films, viz. Feature film, corporate film, documentaries, short films etc. We provide services for all the stages of filmmaking – conceptualization/pre production/production/post production to release. In the capacity of a producer or executive producer, we can collaborate in the whole or a part of the project depending on the requirements of the client.
In this category we offer creative and production services for jingles and television commercials, right from the copywriting to finished master and the media planning.
We specialize in providing any service under the sun if it is about audio. From conceptualizing and planning the project to composing, orchestral and electronic music arrangements, singers, studio recording, dubbing, voice-overs, mixing etc. for music albums and film songs to original background scores for all the categories of movie and TV productions mentioned above.
Publicity & Promotion
With our unconventional ideas and out of the box approach, we can create and execute excellent publicity & promotional campaigns for artists and products through electronic & print media, events etc.
With their long and illustrious creative profiles in the personal capacity, the core team members can naturally boast of direct personal contact and relations with the upper crust of celebrated actors, playback singers, musicians, dancers and entertainers. This, combined with our dedicated production team and infrastructure, provides us with a strong base to creatively conceptualize, organize and manage corporate or entertainment events of any size, theme or nature.
Telvision Serials
We can provide full creative and production and/or execution facilities and services for the TV serials already approved by any channel. 
we are expert consultants for content development, setting-up of in house crew & production facilities like editing, recording and shooting studios etc.
Social Service
Being a media instrument, the company is fully aware of its social responsibility and is committed to it. We work for social service organisations, NGOs etc. in media related projects on considerate and contributory packages – the consideration is such that we plan the project without keeping in mind the profit as the sole objective and the discounts etc. are the contribution from the company towards the cause.

Thus, the amalgamation of vital factors like proper technical training, tremendous creativity, command over all aspects of film medium combined with in-depth understanding of the media matured over the years and effective administrative skills have made us synonymous with such Quality Production which creatively serves the purpose, technically matches the international standards and obeys the financial limits – the projects are always managed within the time schedule and budget. And this is true for all categories of media works; however big or small!