Happy Thoughts

“Now is the time to pay back…”, felt Ms. Sunita Bose in gratitude towards her spiritual Guru and what better way to do this than making a film and disseminate his teachings! So this movie, being produced by Ms. Sunita Bose is a low-budget, non-commercial, 90-minute fiction feature film and is based on the philosophy of the Spiritual Guru Sirshree Tejparkhi of Tejgyan Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra. The task of the Executive Producer has been entrusted with the Swing Media Spectrum. This film is intended to target the Indian as well as the international audience and hence it will be released in Hindi & English simultaneously.

The story written by Atul Gupta is an interesting series of natural events in the lives of the main characters and unravels the day-to-day issues of common people in a contemporary set up. His colorful screenplay and light but substantial dialogues are able to convey the philosophy of the Guru without the burden of serious preaching. The film has 8 songs, which are very modern in approach yet meaningful and hence very useful in enhancing the youth appeal of the project on the whole.

Though the film is a non-commercial project, it will be shot on the high-end professional digital film format, i.e. Red camera with professional film crew to match the expectations of the global film standards and to qualify for global theatrical release.


    1. The Tejgyan Foundation has made extensive plans for the screening of this movie all over India and overseas as they want to promote their Foundation and Philosophy through this film. Therefore, despite being a non-commercial project, its reach and considerably high viewership is ensured.
    2. Apart from the worldwide distribution, this film will also be sent to almost all the national and international film festivals. The content and the technical quality of the film is of such high standards that it sure will gain recognition through these festivals adding another dimension to the publicity of the movie.


The Script, Casting and other pre-production work of the movie have been finished and finalized to the last detail. The shooting will commence as soon as the technical clearance of the script from the Tejgyan Foundation is received. The film will be shot extensively on different locations in and around the city of Bhopal, MP.


Produced by
Ms Sunita Bose
Written & Directed by
Atul Gupta
Pushp, Ajit Kumar Sinha
Jaspal Moni, Zulfqar Ali, Kapil Gupta
Executive Producer

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